Schools and kindergartens

It could be troublesome for parents to keep track of the conditions their children are in educational institutions. There is a high demand for the data if there is or will be any danger that could harm pupils.


“Atmosphere” sensors installed inside the building would detect all necessary indicators of the air in rooms. By analyzing this data and one from the outside, any concerned parent or teacher would operate data to dissolve main hazards to child health. The system will provide all the necessary data and warnings so that adults could prevent or eliminate dangerous situations for children. Moreover, if we connect “Atmosphere” to health bracelets, there would be a possibility to define connections between health and conditions inside the building.


The system would build links between the weather conditions outside and conditions in different rooms or floors. Obviously, outdoor conditions define the formation of indoor ones. Moreover, for any parent to know better what their child should wear to withstand nature’s trials, data from the “Atmosphere” system would check if their kid is up to weather. It will be possible because this system will form predictions depending not only on the location but also on the time.


Set of parameters measured, analyzed and controlled by "Atmosphere" arrays of sensors:

  • CO2, combined sensor
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Acoustic noise
  • Atmospheric pressure
  • AQI (dust content)
  • Illumination
  • Door and window opening sensor


Institutions administration, as well as parents, have to control the concentration of gases, dust, noise and CO2 levels in classrooms, corridors, etc. All of the on-site data which is required to protect children's health and prevent any hazard connected to the influence of these indicators.

The system would provide detailed analytics of the data gathered from different sources with predictions on different parts of the building and on conditions right outside. The prime target is to control conditions inside and connect them with the health data of pupils and teachers. "Atmosphere" will give on-site prediction not only in the scientific way of representation. All the information has to be in the form of colored graphs and simplified versions so that both administration and parents could measure and prevent themselves. In this case, recommendations and warnings are truly critical as they simplify the decision-making process and make it possible to reduce the risk of the human factor. Moreover, all of this data is quite significant to reveal dangerous places for allergic people, etc.

Software to analyze and regulate conditions inside the schools and kindergartens, create the most comfortable and safe studying space in terms of air.

Software is currently under development.

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