Tie your location to weather. This is what it is about. Among different custom solutions for "Atmosphere", we aim to put a focus on health and its connections with the weather changes in different locations.


This idea has common appliances in both indoor and outdoor conditions. The system is meant to work inside the building as well as on the street or in public transport.


The core of this idea is the exchange of data with the existing fitness trackers for humans health and its dependence on weather and factors of a big city (Ex: pollution). To create such a link, it is needed to have a bracelet that captures skin conduction, pulse, pressure, temperature, amount of oxygen in the blood and humidity. This information would be available not only to the owner but would be also stored in the cloud anonymously, and used for analysis along with the data from the sensor network. Besides, the system would be able to detect patterns of changes in the health of people who are in the same region and to accurately identify the connection of their health condition with environmental changes.


"Atmosphere" arrays of sensors that are installed all around the city measuring changing air and weather conditions.

  • CO2, combined sensor
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Acoustic noise
  • Atmospheric pressure
  • AQI (dust content)
  • Illumination
  • Wind
  • UV activity
  • Radiation level


Each one of us needs personalized predictions which change with the time and location. What is more, residents who are weather dependent and/or obtain any disease have an urgent need to be aware of air and weather conditions in different parts of the city and be notified in case of any predicted upcoming emergency.

Mobile app would be the most suitable way to gather all the current and predicted on-site data. It would be possible to change and accustom an interface. A map with indicators on different locations would be provided as well. Recommendations on health and such basics as clothing would be formed as messages from the online-advisor. Speaking of data, it would be represented in an easy to understand way, accompanied by colors, images and, if needed, explanation.

Software to make an atmosphere in cities comfortable and controlled for residents.

Software is currently under development.

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