Offices are a kind of workplace, where people seek comfort to work in, both physical and mental. Providing these conditions is one of the prime tasks. Installation of a sensor array both outside and inside which collects such data as temperature, humidity, air pressure for general health level attainment is appropriate.


The neural network would give the possibility to analyze and compare weather data and air indicators to achieve comfortable appropriate conditions inside. Predictions are required for a better feeling of personnel, preventing health problems from coming with time and/or distracting people from work. As we all know, a good health state is a key to effective productivity at work.


Offices tend to be placed in large buildings, business centers, which need weather prediction to be energy-efficient through central heating system control. Of course, the additional benefit comes from planning on how to dress appropriately to weather when attending a meeting in said office.


Set of parameters measured, analyzed and controlled by "Atmosphere" arrays of sensors:

  • CO2, combined sensor
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Acoustic noise
  • Atmospheric pressure
  • AQI (dust content)
  • Illumination
  • Door and window opening sensor


There is a need to prevent the health problems of employees, caused by inappropriate conditions inside the office, and improve the HVAC system regulation to make it more efficient.

To achieve proper regulation of the heating and cooling system, it is required to analyze not only current but also upcoming weather conditions. This data has to be compared to one inside. All the predictions would be available in the form of graphs, charts, and data on weather changes scheduled by time. An essential part of it is the analyzes of indicators from door and window opening sensor – it is critical in terms of personnel's health preservation as well as heat conservation. All the predictions and recommendations on the improvements of conditions would be represented in the special program with warnings provided. It would be necessary to have an option to compare data of, for instance, different floors to create the links between the performance of people and conditions inside and outside the building.

Software to control microclimate inside and regulate the HVAC system in the way to create comfortable conditions for employees and prevent a range of health problems in advance.

Installation of:
- Gateways in the HVAC system
- Wall-mounted thermostat

Software is currently under development.

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